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Safety Supervisor - FT-PHX

Employment Type:Full Time
Facility-Department:Fellowship Square Phoenix
Description:The purpose of this job is to manage the Safety department on the Phoenix Campus. This includes supervising staff, monitoring safety regulations in licensed buildings, and ensuring the rest of the safety staff provide the best security services possible.

Specific Requirements: 1. One year’s experience in security or police dispatch, switchboard operation or a related field is required. 2. Must have the ability to type 35 words per minute with reasonable accuracy. 3. Must have experience in computer operations including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Windows. 4. Be able to speak, read, and write the English language in a clear and understandable manner. 5. Must be able to cope with the mental and emotional stress of the position
Duties:Supervision of 10 staff members.

1. Plan, develop, organize, implement, evaluate and direct safety and security policies, programs, and activities. (This includes all policies, procedures, staff job descriptions, etc.)

2. Meet with administration as well as staff from other departments in planning safety and security programs and activities.

3. Develop and maintain a good working rapport with Security staff as well as other departments within the facility to assure that established safety and security procedures meet the needs of the facility.

4. Ensure that required security functions are performed in accordance with established policies and procedures.

5. Ensure that safety and security procedures are followed in all areas of the facility at all times.

6. Interpret safety and security procedures to personnel as required.

7. Review safety and security policies, procedures, manuals, job descriptions, etc., at least annually and make needed changes.

8. Assist in the development of the facility's budget.

9. Recruit, select and train as needed, competent communications and patrol officers.

10. Meet with department personnel on a regularly scheduled basis, to assist in identifying and correcting problem areas and aid in the improvement of the services the Security department provides.

11. Evaluates employee performance and made recommendations to the department director concerning wage and salary adjustments, promotions, hiring, terminations, transfers, etc.

12. Perform administrative requirements such as completing necessary forms, reports, etc., and submit them to the department director as required.

13. Maintain records that reflect the facility's safety and security programs, their effectiveness, and meet Federal and State requirements.

14. See that the Security service maintains confidentiality of all patients' and residents' information to assure that their rights are at all times protected.

15. Coordinate safety and security functions with other departments as necessary.

16. Serve on various committees of the facility as required by existing regulations and as appointed by the Facility Manager.

17. Review complaints and grievances and make necessary oral or written reports to the Facility Manager.

18. Keep abreast of economic conditions and recommend adjustments to assure the continued ability to provide a quality safety and security program at the lowest possible cost.

19. Represent the facility at and participate in meetings as may be required.

20. Attend and participate in workshops, seminars, etc., to keep abreast of current changes in the safety and security field, as well as to maintain a professional status.

21. Recommend to the Facility Manager. the security equipment and supply needs of the facility.

22. Serve as System Administrator of the telecommunication system.

23. Keep abreast of changes and new products that would affect the operation of the facility's telephone system and make recommendations to the Facility Manager.

24. Assure that the facility's communication system functions properly at all times and arrange for repairs to be completed when they are needed.

25. Serve as Lifeline System manager, and be responsible for all phases of the Lifeline Program.

26. Stay current in the operation of all equipment included in the Communications Center, and maintain the ability to teach others the proper operation of this area of the Security service.

27. Assure that necessary personnel are available to perform all authorized security duties and functions.

28. Assist in standardizing the methods in which work will be accomplished.

29. Report all accidents and incidents in accordance with established policies and procedures. Fill out and file as needed.

30. Keep the proper personnel informed of emergency calls and unusual incidents handled by the staff of the Security Service.

31. Be responsible for issuing keys to all employees and residents as may be needed and keeping records of keys and access records.

32. Conduct fire drills as required for all required for the Nursing Center.

33. Conduct fire drills as required for all buildings on the facility grounds.

34. Assume the authority, responsibility and accountability of the Security Service, which includes safety, security and communications.

35. Carry out any other duties that may be assigned by the Facility Manager..
Qualifications:Associate Degree from a reputable college or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

3 years experience in a risk management position including experience in both worker's compensation and property liability insurance.

2 years experience in customer service, alarm monitoring, switchboard operation or a related field.

At least 2 years experience in a supervisory position.

Valid Arizona driver's license.

Knowledge or experience in the use of computer hardware and software. Knowledge of modern telecommunications systems. Must possess enough technical knowledge and mechanical knowledge and ability to learn, operate, and manage current and new mechanical and electronic safety and security applications.

Knowledge of current Federal, State, and local laws and how they pertain to the facility and its' operation.

Must have clerical and organizational abilities to maintain records required by law.

Excellent interpersonal skills as well as a professional appearance.

Must be able to speak, read, and write the English language in an understandable manner.

Must be able to function independently, have flexibility, integrity, and ability to work effectively with ill, disabled, elderly, emotionally upset and, at times, hostile people within the facility.

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